Monday, 6 February 2017

Insights from a brand spanking new second year teacher.

How strange it feels to write that title! I cannot believe how fast last year whizzed by. I begin this year with a whole lot of excitement, but it would be a lie to say that it is completely without some angst. With the first week of school over (and a 3-day week at that!) I am feeling overwhelmed at the amount of things to do. There are so many little things to do that take up so much time. I replied to my emails just the other day and it took me an hour! With University obligations as well as a ‘real full-time teacher’s’ job, it is important now more than ever that I am staying on-top of my workload, and in doing so...maintaining a sense of wellbeing! With 60 learners between 2 teachers as opposed to 3 teachers and 45 learners last year, there is no time to be wasted and no learning left to chance!

Some strategies I have put in place:
  • Work Monday - Thursday at school until 6 and don’t bring work home (unless I have an assignment due or a dissertation deadline looming)
  • Make Tuesday a university only day (which means I need to be super on to it on Mondays!)
  • Work half a weekend day (Who knows if this is realistic or not - will give it a go!)
  • Leave school before 4 on Fridays
  • Ask for help whenever I need it
  • If I can start a task right now, do it right now - (this will be my affirmation I say in the mirror every morning).

Check back with me at the end of the term and see if I stuck to my guns!

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Georgia Dougherty said...

Sounds like some awesome goals Latai, and a great way to look after and balance your wellbeing! Have you considered what you might do if you don't complete these goals? How will you hold yourself accountable?