Friday, 19 February 2016

Digital Upskilling: Google Sheets and Google Forms

In Digital Immersion this week we delved a little deeper into how to use the Apps Google Sheets and Google Forms, as well as having a play around with Add-ons to use within Google Sheets (there are so many Add-ons!).

As part of our learning we made a quiz on Google Forms, which as some of you may or may not know exports all the individual input to a single Google Sheet! Using the Add-on Flubaroo in Google Sheets we were able to take any number of answers, set the default (correct) answers and then Flubaroo went ahead and marked all of the answers for us!

Another part of our learning this week was sharing the ways in which our schools (previous and current) use these apps. Some of these innovative ways sheets are used are:

  • Student progression sheets - A table format for students to inform their next steps, and a place to link in their evidence to justify their understanding of a specific progression. 
  • A booking system where students can book in a time with the teacher to get more support in a particular subject.
  • Weekly timetables
  • A place for students to link their blogs so that Teachers can access all of the blogs from one place
Some ways Google Forms are used in the classroom are:
  • Collecting Student voice
  • Collecting Student prior knowledge

That was all in a few hours! I am really looking forward to taking the time to explore these apps further. The 'creation' part of todays session was to have another play with Google Draw and create another graphic representation of the days learnings and wonderings. My reflective question for the day was "How can I use these tools to manage existing documents and information more efficiently?" so not only thinking about what amazing and innovative new things I can come up with, but also think about what I already have in place and how I can improve them using these tools.

Digital Immersion: Week 2 Reflective Graphic 


Ashley Schellingerhout said...

Great post Latai! I had the same concept when I came away from the Digital Immersion day, that we can use these tools to make life ten times easier for ourselves. You are right, we should work smarter not harder! :)

Latai Fa'apoi said...

Thanks for your comment, Ashley! Now the challenge of finding the time and the ideas to begin to adapt things already in place!