Friday, 12 February 2016

The learning never stops!

Today the MDTA cohort experienced their first of many Digital Immersion classes with the wonderful Dorothy Burt and Anne Sinclair. Nearing the end of our class we were asked to create a graphic reflection using Google Draw which illustrated what learning and/or understandings resonated with us from the time spent together. The piece I created is below.

The bottom left of the picture represents the lifestyle which many of our families come from; where financial limitations breed a limitation of choice and a lack of agency within their lives. The middle of the picture, the wordle in the shape of a wifi bandwidth, symbolises the use of the digital tools in the classroom to help us Teachers in our quest to empower learners, but also acts as bridge to take learners and whānau from having no choice to being empowered with an abundance of choice, having soft skills and being technologically savvy; essentially being able to thrive in the 21st century.

Looking forward to next Friday's creative venture!

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