Friday, 4 March 2016


Today completely changed my perspective of all things technology. Prior to joining the MDTA, using technology in innovative ways was a concept that seemed quite far-fetched. Things like creating QR codes, creating your own site, embedding things using HTML seemed like something only experts would be able to do. Now I see that these things (and a whole universe more) are easily within my grasp when I know what I am looking for, have experts to turn to, and Google at my fingertips!

During class today we experimented with Google Sites and had a go at embedding different kinds of resources on to one page e.g. videos, audio files, images and files (sheets, docs, slides, etc.) Below is a picture of my Sandpit site!

It was tricky at first, but evidently, the more I played around, the easier it got. The picture above is  while I was (and still am) 'in the process' of creating. What's exciting is that there is still so so so so so much to learn. The challenge here is to think about what I am doing with my learners at School that I could do more effectively using Google sites. Up until I now I have been using a site called Blendspace, which is great at creating a one-stop shop for my learners but in using Google Sites, I can keep all the learning in one place, making it more easily accessible for my learners. It also looks more aesthetically pleasing! (personal opinion). I really enjoyed building on my knowledge from todays learning by watching this slightly lengthy (but surprisingly not boring) introduction video to HTML.


Looking forward to next Friday!

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