Monday, 16 May 2016

Manaiakalani BT's Connect

Earlier his week our digital immersion day led us to Panmure Bridge School, where we had the opportunity to connect with our colleagues who are also new to the digital 1-1 environment within the Manaiakalani Cluster.

Fiona led the session on learning to create and creating to learn. The first creation required us to work in groups, creating an advertisement for an idea or a product within 15 minutes. Our group chose to sell an idea, the idea of 'take the lid off'. With our teacher lenses on, we interpreted this idea as the act of allowing creativity into the lives of our learners. The following video was the result...


Our second physical creation of the day was encouraged to be a digital artefact an was to be based on our teacher as inquiry focus. I spent all afternoon exploring new digital tools - stop motion animator, animaker and trusted Ol' iMovie, and yet I was unable to decide on which tool to use, having started a project within each of the applications. I reflected on my learning and having had a late night the night before, I empathised with my some of my learners - the pressure to create with so many options, not enough ideas and not enough sleep had me feeling exhausted and in all honesty, a little bit stressed! I needed more time. Which is exactly what I had. A few days later, having had a bit more exploration time, I was able to create the following...

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