Friday, 6 May 2016

Snap Happy

Google Photos - Collage of Maungarei

Todays session had two elements to it. For the first part of it, we explored parts of the Cybersmart curriculum and talked about the difference between being Cybersafe and Cybersmart. The main point of difference for me I guess, was the fact the being Cybersafe has a focus on the preventative measures one should take to remain 'safe' online, where as being Cybersmart focuses on empowering the device user. A point that really stood out for me today was when Fiona Grant was speaking about creating a Smart Footprint. Her point was that when a learner is new to their own device, it is like their own private world, they are understandably, with deliberate teaching, are unaware of how visible every move they make online really is.

The second element of today was the focus of using still images and the accessibility and transfer of these from and to iPhones and Macs. We explored Google Photos and the creation of collages, as well as the ease of creating photo slideshows with Youtube. The collage is comprised of images I took of Maungarei and the youtube Slideshow...well, please view to see!

I am looking forward to utilising this new skill of creating REALLY EASY Youtube Slideshows to put on our Hub site as well as sharing this new knowledge with my learners!


Dorothy said...

I love the slideshow! Congratulations from me too. Great to see you are thinking about how to use what you have learnt today to support your learners creating in class.


Georgia Dougherty said...

Your learners are too cute!! I love your slideshow, can't wait to see how you did it and see what this new knowledge enables you to do. Congrats on graduating :)

Heath Lewzey said...

Congratulations again, I love that your learners went to such lengths to celebrate the milestone with you! This speaks volumes about how well you have done building those relationships first term.

Great snaps of Maungarei too!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your graduation Ms Fa'apoi...looks like you have many happy fans to support you in your happy,huge milestone. Proud Mumma x