Friday, 8 July 2016

Appreciation post

These last few weeks have probably been the most character testing that I have endured in a long, long time. With an intense school term, my first Learner Led conferences and my personal life seemingly falling apart - (sleepless nights from a relentless toothache, the pressure of moving house, it goes on and on!) I have been trying to balance my life so that come the school holidays, I don't crash and burn.

Although it has taken an exceptional exertion of effort to stay on top of teaching and learning through the obstacles listed above, it has ultimately been the support of my beautiful, empathetic, and supportive colleagues, mentors, friends, and family that have pulled me through and allowed me to see through to the end of the term without a (big) breakdown! To the people who have shared words of encouragement or inspiration or even just a smile, to my peers who have struggled alongside me through the term, to the people who dragged themselves out of bed before 6am to come to boot camp, to my lovely mama who has sent me little gift packages, thank you, thank you, thank you; for it is you who has helped to replenish my spirit and allowed me to love and serve from my overflow! 

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