Friday, 29 July 2016

Consolidating knowledge by Sketchnoting!

Absolutely loved creating today! Today we were introduced to the concept of Sketchnoting. When I first caught a glimpse of a sketchnote I immediately thought 'doodling". However, as I attempted a go at creating a summary sketchnote, what appears to be a doodle with a few words seem immediately more complex! Sketchnoting is an effective way of consolidating knowledge as you have to translate ideas into images while extracting the most important parts of the bulk of the information you are translating.

Originally, I had downloaded the app, Procreate, for approx. $9 to create my sketchnote on. I absolutely loved how easy the interface was to use and all the different tools that were available to further customise and personalise my sketchnoting experience. Eventually, I made the executive decision to move onto paper, but simply because I was spending too much time playing around and exploring on Procreate. I just wanted to get my ideas down and be able to complete this task before the day was up! In saying that, had I had the time, I would have loved to delve deep into procreate and happily lose hours creating a masterpiece! I have heard of a feature on Procreate (but not yet tried) where you can export your creation as a video, so it documents the process from start to finish. I can't wait to give this a go! 

I am really looking forward to introducing this way of notetaking to my learners. As many educators who use Sketchnote have mentioned, scaffolding them into how to best use sketchnoting is paramount to the success and effectiveness of it. Thinking ahead to when my learners leave to highschool, sketchnoting could be a very effective way of taking notes when they are exposed to lecture style learning. 

Dorothy Burt shared with us a really neat youtube clip of what sketchnoting is:

I will definitely be practicing my sketchnoting skills as much as possible! Excited to use this!

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Georgia Dougherty said...

I love this Latai! Looks amazing, and depicts our block course so well. Although this is your interpretation, understanding and take-aways from the course, I follow what your sketchnote has portrayed. I found today's session really engaging and interesting too - really looking forward to seeing what you and your learners come up with in the future! :)