Friday, 16 September 2016

Getting kinaesthetic with Keynote

I must admit, prior to today, I had never used keynote as a presentation tool and honestly had no intention of doing so. This makes me wonder what other gem of applications and programmes are out there that I just haven't given the time of day!

Today we discovered a world of opportunity to create and customise within Keynote! Despite not having the major 'ability to collaborate' Keynote has many other features which we were introduced to and given the chance to explore and experiment today! 

One of the awesome features of keynote that I had already used was it's ability to make buttons for my Hub Google site as seen below. The ability to insert a shape and put a picture inside it makes it perfect for customising your buttons so that rather than just plain old text, sites get a multimodal sort of feel to them! 

Another fabulous feature which I quite enjoyed but ran out of time to do was the 'magic moves' feature. This is an awesome way to display pictures within a presentation - I will definitely be trying it next time I have a need! See the video below for a really helpful tutorial.

I also had a play with using Keynote as a tool to create a stop motion animation using images. I used the instant alpha tool (okay, this might be my most favoured thing about keynote!) to remove the bird featured in the following 4-second clip from quite an intricate background. 

And there you have it, I am sold on Keynote! Am looking forward to exploring this really nifty tool further next week! 

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