Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Exploring Tāmaki and beyond

Monday the 18th of January 2016 marked the beginning of a really special life-changing journey. Dorothy Burt, Anne Sinclair and Fiona Grant led the 2016 MDTA cohort on a hikoi around the Manaiakalani District, as endorphins, enthusiasm and excitement pumped through our bloodstreams. Much like the photo below, we stand at the foot of a great challenge!

We are eager to get going, albeit anticipating moments of severe slopes, understanding that in times of hardship and strain, to reach the summit we must continue to put one foot in front of the other. We need to rest often and admire the view whilst on our way up and stay hydrated! 

Of course, my ever-evolving teaching philosophy believes we never reach a 'summit' however after these next two years I am confident that with a lot of motivation mixed with a heap of resilience, driven by a whole lot of vision, we will emerge from the MDTA victorious (much like this photo of us on top of Mt. Wellington)...

 ...Drenched in Manaiakalani Pedagogy we will continue to change the world through engaging and inspiring learners, one, two or thirty at a time.

“For life–which is in any way worthy, is like ascending a mountain. When you have climbed to the first shoulder of the hill, you find another rise above you, and yet another peak and the height to be achieved seems infinity: but you find as you ascend that the air becomes purer and more bracing, that the clouds gather more frequently below than above, that the sun is warmer than before."
 - Endicott Peabody

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